I had never heard this statement before yesterday. After looking further into the definition and what it means, it was super insulting. I m guessing that millennials must think that they can obtain great things without trying very hard, guess what you are wrong. In fact wait until you get into the real job market where it actually matters. Your efforts will either carry you far or not carry you at all. I think a “TryHard” attitude is needed in order to survive, especially considering most millennials cant spell or do regular math at all. In fact when I work with our millennial it just raises the fact that we need to be worried about where the future is heading. When I ask a millennial how much is 100 divided by 25 and they reach for a pen and paper, it just scares the hell out of me that 30 seconds later they might come up with an answer. Who the fuck gave them(The millennials) any type of condition of power. No one. You fucking assholes, try hard is what will be expected of you when you get a real job. This is why most millennials actually suck. I respect someone that “tries hard” and is willing to put in the extra efforts needed to surpass someone who is not trying hard. Here is a link to a brief explanation in regards to playing a video game http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1159670 named League of Legends. If all of these kids think they are special then they really have another hard lesson to learn. What happens when they find out that almost none of them are special. This is something that a whole generation of people are going to have to deal with all at once. They are not special, in fact the one thing that will separate them from the people who will succeed will be a “Try Hard” attitude. I think its quite funny that so many millennials are actually diagnosed with ADD or ADHD when they really shouldn’t be diagnosed with it, what they have done is found a way to replace the “I don’t want to do it” with an “I can’t concentrate on anything” attitude. Then to make matters worse the Doctors are going to give them some type of legal speed.

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