You read that correctly. There is a new well not brand new but relatively new cell phone provider and if things keep going in the direction that they are, this single provider could stand to wipe out most if not all of the big providers, especially those that push contracts and force people into multi year agreements. How about a month to month plan and each line for unlimited talk and text will only cost 10.00 a month. That is correct and not a misprint. If you need data you can buy that in as needed blocks 5 gigs for 15 bucks. You can bring your phone and you can bring your number if you want. I have a special deal right now and if you use the link below to sign up then you will get your first month free and I will also get a month of free service. This means you have nothing to lose. US Mobile is the name of the carrier and they seem to have coverage for just about all of the United States.

  • First Order Your Starter Kit and Use This Code CPT1221 
  • Create An Account On US
  • Choose Your Plan and at Checkout Enter this Code GDWCWPT
  • If you plan on bringing your number you will need your cell phone provider account number and pin if you have one
Check Out Their Plans by Clicking Here
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