Gradient Background Creator

First let me start off by stating that this is not my original work, the original author responsible for this is Tibor Szász. What you are seeing is something where I took what he created and changed it up a bit. I am not taking claim or stating that I am the creator of this very cool tool. I saw that the original website Tibor had this up on was no longer available on the internet, so i decided to host it up for him and want to make sure that credit is given where credit is due.

Use this tool to generate amazing background gradients and then tweak them to your liking as you see fit and then save the final image.

You can then use the image as an inline, base64 encoded image in any HTML element's background, just click Generate CSS button at the bottom of the app. Select source images from the gallery or use yours, the possibilities are endless.



This tool was dreamed, developed, directed, executive produced by Tibor Szász. The images used in the project are all public domain stock images. Sources can be found in the image titles. Technologies used: Semantic UI, Dat.GUI, SASS, ES6, Pen and paper.

Remixing of this tool was by Digital Bill