Desktop Application Building

This is probably my favorite type of project to work on, whether its automating an annoying browser process over and over or customizing a bridge between two different softwares to create a unique and useful user experience.

Typing Game Grades(1-12)

Try out a sweet typing game with various degrees of difficulty based on grade selection. For each grade we have loaded in the ideal spelling words targeted for the grade that they are in.

Tech Support

Admit it, it is hard not to hate when an IT person fixes something for you without taking into consideration what other tasks he might be screwing up for you? Not Here

Here is a Multiplayer Car Game

each new open browser will create a new car and each player can operate the car at the exact same time with no issues at all. It is a primitive concept as it current is but it to build off of.


Making Computers Suck a Little Less and Getting More Done Daily.

Computers can be difficult to deal with especially if you are unfamiliar with them. Ever had an idea that you know exactly how it should go and all the reasons that it will not fail. We are the people to talk to in order to get real and bring the concept to real life.