Check Out Hour Long Heavy Hitting Bass Mixes or Remixed Tunes

Desktop Application Building

This is probably my favorite type of project to work on, whether its automating an annoying browser process over and over or customizing a bridge between two different softwares to create a unique and useful user experience.

Speed Test

Try using our very own speedtest to measure your online bandwidth speed. I can assure you its accurate since we did a lot of testing on it to make sure of it.

My Coding Experience

I have created a lot of programs, some of them were huge and super detailed while others just served a simple repetitive purpose that I did not want to have to keep repeating.

Useful Online Resources

A collection of very useful online resources that I decided to share with my online community. This ranges from form builders to very clever bits of code to other free or well valued web resources.


Online Multiplayer Games

Check out some of the Multiplayer Games that we have created in various languages.