The Gmail Sender App

Need to Send a Lot Of Emails Out?

Need to send out a ton of emails to a long list of people? This application will use your Gmail or any other SMTP Email Client to do the dirty work for you. Its rated to be able to send out about 20,000 emails on a daily basis. Yes we can embed pictures and the pictures will show up on a mobile device, the template editor is easy and very friendly to work with. You can save and reload templates and you can import email lists. We recommend that you use a Business Level Gmail GSuite that will allow you to send out that many emails without an issue. Use responsibly since we do not accept liability for you exceeding your daily allowable sending limit.

What Type of Email Accounts Does This Work With?

We recommend a Gmail Business Suite Email for best results. They cost around 5 to 10 bucks a month. It will work with any Smtp Account. You can find the SMTP mail settings most likely by logging into your email client and going to settings or just google your email providers name and the words SMTP SETTINGS.

How many emails can I send out?

The limit on how many emails you can send out changes based on your email client. We know that with the GSuite Business Email you can send out as many as 10,000 emails per day. Check your daily and monthly allowance limits with your current provider. It might be worth just getting a gmail account for this purpose alone.