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Hard working, Dedicated, Relentless, Persistent, Clever, Loyal, Creative, these are some of the words that people use to describe the kind of person that I am. I love to solve problems and to see solutions all the way through until they become a reality and its time to move on to the next project. My favorite thing to do is to create software solutions and to watch them effectively resolve or streamline workflows. If there is a problem and it involves computers in any way then I am usually the person that you would seek to get it solved quickly and in a manner that will prevent the issue from coming up again.


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I have been a business owner and I have worked for complete assholes and I have worked for some amazing bosses. I have seen the work place from multiple peprspectives and this is what gives me an edge when it comes to figuring things out.


I am a self taught programmer and I have learned by doing many tutorials and building projects as well as by trial and error. I love a challenge and I also like to automate just about anything that I can.

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What Can I Do For You?

I can probably help your business in a number of different ways. What is more important is to find out what do you think you need help with?


More of my credentials.

No Project is too big or too small. I think just about any business could really benefit from having their own software that is tailored to their business. For example if your website is only up on the internet being used as a brochure displaying a minimum amount of information, then you are missing out. Your website could do a lot more to not only help you grow your business but to help it run like a well oiled machine.

Work Experience

Tech Support/Developer

Problem Solver

October 2011 - Present

QuoteRUSH.com LLC

Currently I work for an awesome software company. I have been there since the beginning and I still enjoy working every single day. We are the software that insurance agents use to run quotes on all of their home, auto and flood carriers. We are also the only software company in the business that also pulls all the necessary details to run those quotes. We are currently running over a million quotes a month and our desktop based software has become the go to software from just about all of the Insurance Carriers. We have an awesome well balanced team and everyone pitches in to help our software to continue to evolve and meet and exceed the agents need on a daily basis.


Marketing/Loan Officer

July 2002 - June 2010

Lakefront Mortgage

Over the 8 year period, I progressed through the ranks and gained a ton of knowledge went from being an employee to running my own show. I had a super team to help me break company records month after month. We were the first Mortgage Company to Pilot a Credit Driven Mortgage Trigger System in a partnership with one of the three main credit companys named Equifax.

Inbound Bill Collections

July 1995 - Sept 2001

NCO Financial Systems

At the aqe of 17, I began working here as one of the youngest employees that they had ever hired. I was able to transition right into working in an office as a Collections Agent. I managed to set records for the amount that a single indicidual could collect. I directly blew the numbers so far out of what was considered normal, that the company litrerally had to restructure the way it paid the inbound agents their commiission. I even earned a call from one of the owners Steve Leckerman who offered me a job to come and work directly under him in Pennsylvania which was the corporate center for NCO.


Marketing Education Degree

Sept 1992 - June 1996

North Olmsted High School

I graduated with a A- Average. I took some of the hardest classes that were offered in the school. I participated in the Post Secondary Option program which is where a high school student takes college courses while still getting an education in High School. I managed to hold down a few jobs while in school including being a Concert Promoter for one of the top clubs in the city called Peabody's Down Under.


What Other Services Can I Do?

Here are just a few more items that I enjoy doing.


Check Out Some of My Projects

These are just a sample of some of the things that I have completed. I have excellent communication skills and work well alone or with others. I am self taught and continue to explore and further my level of understanding about business development and using Software as a means of resolving problems.

I am now offering Web Hosting, Domains, and Server Packages

Get Websites and Web Applications as well as remote support and computer fixes. I can host a meeting to go over what your plans are if need be..


I'd Love To Hear From You.

Reach out if you have questions or want to arrange a time to speak. I prefer to do online meetings since that seems to be better for everyone.

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